long... long ago...

I blogged.

It was so long ago, that it is tough to say who will even read this- or you may ask, why am I even blogging at this point!? It's been so long that I have literally received emails from friends remarking on my lack of blogging. One dear friend sent a message in true concern- wondering if things were okay- since it has been so long since my last post. I even had to think for a while before entering my password to sign in to blogger. It's been a long time.

I am okay. I don't blog too much anymore- and to be honest, I can't say that this is my big return blog. I am not promising a post a week or even a post a month. I am pathetic. Maybe you don't care... but maybe you do.

Reasons? You may wonder...

Reason #1: I am busy. Who isn't? But here's the thing. First and foremost, last time I blogged I was the summer director at the camp. I am still the summer director at the camp. However, now, as the summer director, my job has gotten 8000x busier. The closer to summer... the busier the summer director is. It's a direct correlation that I should have seen coming. And yet, I didn't expect it quite like it would come on (like a freight train rushing toward me at 100 miles a minute. Summer, that is).

Reason #2: Writer's block. This really only comes from my poor time management to my summer director-ness. If I had a better handle on my job, I might think of anything other than my job. However, I have not had a good handle on it. Which equals 100% of my thoughts sent toward summer camp. Not too interesting... nothing to blog about.

Reason #3: Is blogging silly? Don't stone me. This has crossed my mind- it's silly that I have a blog. I have thought "why in the world do I blog? I am not creative, I am not funny, I am not pregnant, I do not have grandkids to flaunt to the distant grandparents, I'm not a missionary, I don't knit or cook... who cares about what I blog about?" I swear, this is not a plea for you to tell me why it matters that I blog... truly. But I have wondered- what am I even blogging about?? So, that's that.

Reason # 4: I have lost my night-owl-like capacities. This is truly the hardest one to reconcile with. I used to pine for sleep. I just could not find the time to sleep. I would be up until the wee hours some nights. Just blogging about the latest things... loving that blogging would get a few things off my chest and then, and only then, would I be more able to sleep peacefully. Now, it's 9:00 and I am just willing myself to stay awake. Is that lame or what?!? And again, not pregnant or with children- just simply a tired old hag that works a little harder than I did before. Not even hard work- I love my work- just a little harder than my 20- 30 hours a week before. Pathetic. So, no time to blog... only time for sleep.

Reason #5: I got a gym membership. It's true. The gym replaced blogging in my life. Literally right after my last post (and maybe a direct result of the fact that my husband had just run a marathon) I decided to get a gym membership. I go, often, with my good friend J-lo here at camp. I so enjoy her company and feeling better (I think?). The funny thing? I have not changed a bit. It's true. I actually go to the gym 4-6 times a week- depending on the week- and I have not lost one single solitary pound. I did not start exercising to lose weight. Truly. I wanted to get my heart in shape. But can I just say- not one pound lost in 4 months?!?! It's fine. It's bizarre and slightly irritating- but again, not why I started working out... so it's fine. But let's be real... I am a woman- and to see that scale move down to a slightly smaller weight wouldn't kill me either!! Okay, I'm done.

So why tonight? No idea. Really. There is nothing of consequence, I have no more time than usual and I am no less tired than usual. I just felt a spark of inspiration and I thought I would go with it.

This may be it for a while. Maybe forever? Tough to say. I cannot honestly say that I feel inspired to end this blog nor do I feel inspired to keep up with it more often. And again, I don't know that you care. I don't know that I care. But, for what it's worth, I still check your blog. It's true-- don't you stop blogging! I love it. I maybe read a few posts in a row on the weekend- unlike when I would check almost daily... you know, back in the day... but regardless, I cannot deny that I like to read a good blog every once in a while. So keep it up.

So what's been going on these last four months? So much. And yet, nothing really at all. But, to sate the palates of anyone who would like to know, even a little, what I've been up to (other than working, sleeping and going to the gym) here you have it!

I have been hiking, or should I say- conquered a mountain-

I went to San Diego to visit Kaley- to eat food and enjoy her company... since her eggo is preggo, you know-

Dear friends got married in the city-

Busy with camp- and the Giant Swing is literally in full swing-

I went on the annual family vacay. Which, was wonderful, but now feels like it didn't even happen. I think I would benefit from a bi-monthy vacation.-

And then, the rapture didn't happen.

And then... My dear friend Sarah is getting married so we had a Bridal Shower (yea, those are personalized couple-cookies- boo-yah! ...sorry, I was quite excited)-
So, that's it. Or all I documented anyway. I hope your last four months have been wonderful... see you in a few, or more than a few... we shall see...


Kristi-Anna said...

LOVE IT!!!! :0)

kaley said...

It's A Miracle!

Carol said...

I am so glad to see you back. I miss reading your blog, but I do understand the busy-ness of your life. I did get to see a couple of pics that made me happy! So, come back, in a week, month or just whenever. You are missed when you aren't blogging! Love you